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Do You Know The Piezo E-481 Servo Amplifier?
Servo amplifiers are a kind of circuit board that are utilized in many contrasting machines to help them to work the right way. They assist to repair minor problems that is preserving the info from being directed to distinct locations. The PI Piezo E-481 High Voltage servo amplifier is a great product that uses high force actuators to give of 2000 watts.
constructed with an output voltage of 1100V. It likewise has a source current to 2000 mA and a bandwidth of 5 kHz that presents it the ability to have extremely high slew rates despite the large loads of capacitive piezoelectric.
The Piezo amplifier is able to be utilized in both noninverting and inverting ways with a DC gain of at least +/-100. This special design grants it the power to utilize two piezo actuators to be placed into the push/pull mode. This permits it to have the maximum in force and stroke that is needed to work right.
The E-481 servo amplifier was designed to be used for reactive or capacitive loads over large piezoelectric stacks. It operates to recoup in a way that permits only the active power to be used by the actuators. When the actuators have discharged the energy not being utilized will be delivered and reused in order to provide for the amplifier.

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