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Many customers will ask a question after purchasing the Panasonic servo motor. How should it be maintained? In general, the machine has its service life, and the machine with a long service life can not withstand the indiscriminate use, and any machine needs maintenance. A&S Servo Motor Co., Ltd describes how to service Panasonic servo motors. Panasonic servo motors do not require frequent maintenance, just pay attention to the following four items.

1. When replacing the servo motor gear, the user must use ceramic lubricating oil, do not use mineral lubricating oil, so as to avoid deterioration of the plastic gear and easy to break.

2. Use the vibration-proof washer to protect the servo motor. When installing the servo motor, do not over-tighten it, causing deformation of the vibration-proof washer.

3, no waterproof and dustproof motor, please avoid running water or dust into the machine.

4. Do not change the power supply voltage arbitrarily. For example, the receiver uses 4.8V. Do not use 6.0V to improve the performance of the servo motor. Avoid excessive load on the servo motor. Determine the torque according to the nature of the work and the length of the swing arm.

5, the most important point is to do some basic maintenance and maintenance, the general service life is relatively long. The above content was provided by A&S Servo Motor Co., Ltd.
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