Seven solutions for Schneider servo motor bearing heating

Schneider servo motor bearing overheating reasons and the corresponding solutions, you can solve the problem according to the corresponding method to help the servo motor return to normal use. Of course, there are many reasons for the overheating of the servo motor bearings, and the specific solution needs to be determined according to the actual situation. For more information on Schneider servo motors, check out the previous information on the website.
cause of issue:

1. The inner hole of the bearing is eccentric and rubs against the shaft.
Solution: Repair the bearing cap to eliminate the rubbing point.
2. The servo motor end cover or bearing cap is not flat.
Workaround: Reassemble.
3. The coupling between the servo motor and the load is not corrected, or the belt is too tight.
Solution: Recalibrate and adjust the belt tension.
4. The bearing clearance is too large or too small.
Solution: Replace the new bearing.
5, Schneider servo motor shaft bending.
Solution: Correct the servo motor shaft or replace the rotor.
6. Too much or too little grease.
Solution: Add grease as required (1/3-2/3 of volume).
7. The oil quality is not good and contains impurities.
Solution: Replace the cleaned grease.
8. The bearing is not properly matched with the journal or end cap (too loose or too tight).
Solution: Too loose and use adhesive to repair, over-tighten the car, grinding the journal or the inner hole of the end cap to make it suitable.

During the use of Schneider servo motors, it is inevitable that some situations will occur, such as: broken shaft, encoder alarm, abnormal sound during operation, abnormal vibration of the motor during operation, and the speed is lower than the rated speed.

After the power is turned on, the motor does not turn on, the bearing is overheated, and so on. Among them, the overheating of the bearing will directly affect the normal use of the servo motor. So what are the reasons for the overheating of the servo motor bearings? How can we solve this?

The above are the problems and solutions of the seven Schneider servo motors introduced by A&S Servo Motor Co., LTD I hope that I can have it for everyone. Helped.