• ABB Brushless Servo Drive FMH2A09TR-EN43W

ABB Brushless Servo Drive FMH2A09TR-EN43W

  • Brands ABB
  • Product Code: FMH2A09TR-EN43W
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ABB Brushless Servo Drive FMH2A09TR-EN43W Features:
Brushless servo drive
Control of both rotary and linear servo motors
Direct online single-phase 115-230 VAC or 3 phase 230VAC
3, 6 or 9 Amp continuous with 2x overload for 0.5 seconds.
Panel-mounting enclosure
Software selectable encoder, SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) or Hall only feedback
Optional Resolver feedback
Simulated encoder output
Auto-tuning wizard and software oscilloscope facilities via MINT Workbench
Notch filters to eliminate mechanical resonance
Analog or pulse and direction command reference
LED status for error notification
RS232 serial channel for configuration (RS485 optional)
ActiveX libraries supplied free of charge 9A (18A peak) MicroFlex with RS485 programming interface