• Samsung CSDJ Plus Servo Drive

Samsung CSDJ Plus Servo Drive

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Samsung CSDJ Plus Servo Drive is an AC servo motor drive with full digital method, where high speed and precision control is possible, using 32 bit high speed DSP. Also, position control mode, speed control mode, torque control mode, and etc are provided so that the Drive can be used according to the needs and provides various types of I/O input and output. CSDJ Plus Servo Drive can provide the best control in its performance and function.
Main features of the CSDJ Plus Servo Drive are as follows:
1. Full digital control with high speed and accuracy is achieved by using the 32bit high speed DSP.
2. Optimized the size by designing the servomotor to be 1/3 and the drive to be 1/5 of the
previous model. Normal Incremental (15 lines), Brief incremental (9 lines) and Absolute
(15 lines) Encoder are added to this product for easier system design.
3. It also includes the auto tuning function, which allows the beginners to easily operate thesystem.
4. The highly accurate control is possible with speed control range of 1:3000.
5. With the various built-in functions such as compatibility with the PC S/W, it can be used in various ranges of applications.
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