• YASKAWA Junma Rotary Servo Motors-SJME Junma

YASKAWA Junma Rotary Servo Motors-SJME Junma

  • Brands Yaskawa
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0.1 - 0.75kW, medium inertia

The Junma servo motor uses Yaskawa’s compact servomotor manufacturing techniques to deliver superior performance over stepper motors.


Junma servomotors have an integral 16 bit encoder and are available with an integral holding brake for reducing the number of components in your system.

Quick disconnect power and encoder cables provide plug and play connectivity from the Junma amp to the Junma motor.

All Junma motors are tested and documented with a matched servo amplifier or SERVOPACK. These combinations optimize the amp and the motor for high performance, low cost, and small size.

Junma servo motors provide 7 times the acceleration power than a stepper motor of comparable volume.


Time Rating:ContinuousInsulation

Resistance:500VDC, 10MW minimum

Thermal Class:Class B

Enclosure:Totally-enclosed, self-cooled IP55 (excluding shaft opening and connectors)

Vibration Class:15mm or below

Rated Speed1:3000 RPM (for 200V models)3

Withstand Voltage:1500 VAC for one minute

Maximum Speed1:5000 RPM (for 200V models)3

1.These items and speed/torque characteristics quoted in combination with a SJDE servo amplifier are at an armature winding temperature of 100 °C. Other values are at 20 °C.

2.The rated torques listed here are the values for the continuous allowable torque at 40 °C with an aluminium heatsink (250 mm × 250 mm × 6 mm) attached.

3.Refer to the Speed/Torque Characteristics for rated speed and maximum speed for 100V models.