• Fuji ALPHA5 servo amplifier LS type RYT101D5-LS6

Fuji ALPHA5 servo amplifier LS type RYT101D5-LS6

  • Brands Fuji
  • Product Code: RYT101D5-LS6
  • Availability: 7 - 14 Days(In Stock)
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The installation area is reduced by 25 to 30% when
compared with our conventional model.

The servo amplifier can be installed side by side
without a clearance. The installation space in the
control panel of the machine is reduced.

Close installation can be made even if the ABS
backup battery is installed.
The battery can be replaced without difficulty while
the servo amplifier is left installed.

The designed life time of the battery is about 35000
hours. (Retention time with power turned off)