• Baumuller b maXX 4000 servo controller

Baumuller b maXX 4000 servo controller

  • Brands Baumuller
  • Product Code: b maXX 4000
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Drive controller
b maXX 4400 uses the principle of vector control for maximum dynamic response. Position control, speed control and current control are integrated and have a cycle time of 125. As a result, the motor is powered in a fast and precise manner. Clock speed and production output can be increased effectively. The operating modes jogging (teaching), referencing and synchronous operation with electronic gears are also supported.

All the drive parameters can be permanently saved in a maximum of 8 data records. They can also be switched over and defined online. The data records are switched over via the digital I/Os, the field bus interface or the b maXX-drivePLC. As a result, b maXX can quickly and easily be adapted
in line with variations in the production process. This significantly reduces retrofitting times
and enhances the flexibility of the production process.